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django-nested-admin is a project that makes it possible to nest admin inlines (that is, to define inlines on InlineModelAdmin classes). It is compatible with Django 3.2+ and Python 3.7+ and works with or without Grappelli. When Grappelli is not installed it allows Grappelli-like drag-and-drop functionality.


The recommended way to install django-nested-admin is from PyPI:

pip install django-nested-admin

Alternatively, one can install a development copy of django-nested-admin from source:

pip install -e git+git://

If the source is already checked out, use setuptools to install:

python develop


To use django-nested-admin in your project, "nested_admin" must be added to the INSTALLED_APPS in your settings:

    # ...

If you're using django-grappelli, you will also need to add to include nested_admin.urls in your urlpatterns:

urlpatterns = [
    # ...
    path('_nested_admin/', include('nested_admin.urls')),

Example Usage

In order to use django-nested-admin, use the following classes in place of their django admin equivalents:

django.contrib.admin nested_admin

ModelAdmin NestedModelAdmin InlineModelAdmin NestedInlineModelAdmin StackedInline NestedStackedInline TabularInline NestedTabularInline

There is also nested_admin.NestedGenericStackedInline and nested_admin.NestedGenericTabularInline which are the nesting-capable versions of GenericStackedInline and GenericTabularInline in django.contrib.contenttypes.admin.

# An example for a Table of Contents app

from django.contrib import admin
import nested_admin

from .models import TableOfContents, TocArticle, TocSection

class TocArticleInline(nested_admin.NestedStackedInline):
    model = TocArticle
    sortable_field_name = "position"

class TocSectionInline(nested_admin.NestedStackedInline):
    model = TocSection
    sortable_field_name = "position"
    inlines = [TocArticleInline]

class TableOfContentsAdmin(nested_admin.NestedModelAdmin):
    inlines = [TocSectionInline], TableOfContentsAdmin)


django-nested-admin has fairly extensive test coverage. The best way to run the tests is with tox, which runs the tests against all supported Django installs. To run the tests within a virtualenv run pytest from the repository directory. The tests require a selenium webdriver to be installed. By default the tests run with phantomjs, but it is also possible to run the tests with the chrome webdriver by passing --selenosis-driver=chrome to pytest or, if running with tox, running tox -- --selenosis-driver=chrome. See pytest --help for a complete list of the options available.


This project uses webpack for building its javascript and css. To install the dependencies for the build process, run npm install from the root of the repository. You can then run npm run build to rebuild the static files.


The django code is licensed under the Simplified BSD License. View the LICENSE file under the root directory for complete license and copyright information.

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