Django meta-framework for building enterprise-ready custom business applications 💼 ✨



✨ Django framework to build enterprise-ready business applications. Rapid development. Multiple applications as independently deployable units on a single monolith ✨

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Zango is a web application development framework built upon Django, designed to enable rapid development of enterprise-ready business applications.

  • Leverage the strengths of Django, an already proven and battle-tested web framework
  • Make available the basics of business web apps/ microservices as part of the framework
  • Host multiple apps or microservices on a single monolith under the hood.
  • Security & Compliances are built in.
  • Suite of essential packages to serve as the building blocks of apps
  • Use case packages to build the industry-specific use cases

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App Panel - Central hub to manage all your apps/ microservices

Perform tasks such as configuring permissions, managing user roles, and much more.

Zango App Panel

Drastically reduce your infrastructural and operational overheads by hosting multiple apps/ microservices on a single deployment:

Zango redefines multi-tenancy by enabling multiple different apps to run on a single server. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional scaling methods. With our platform, you can run multiple different applications on a single server, which helps in keeping the cost in check.


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🚀 Getting Started:

📦 Free Packages

A few essential packages are freely available. These packages enable development of a wide variety of applications and are available for installation from the App Panel.
- Basic Auth - Frames - CRUD - Workflow

🌟 Get Involved and Make a Difference

Join our community and help build Zango. Here's how you can get involved:

  • Star the Repo: Show your support by giving us a star! ⭐️
  • Spread the Word: Share Zango with your colleagues and friends. 📣
  • Join the Conversation: Share your brilliant ideas and suggestions on Discord here. 💬
  • Report Issues: Notice something not quite right? Let us know by creating an issue. Your feedback is invaluable! 🐛
  • Contribute Code: Dive into open issues and send pull requests to help us squash bugs and implement exciting enhancements. 🛠️

Together, let's build something incredible! ✨🚀

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