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Ghostwriter is a Django-based web application designed to be used by an individual or a team of red team operators. The platform tracks and manages client and project information, covert infrastructure assets (e.g., servers and domain names), finding templates, report templates, evidence files, and more.

This data is available to Ghostwriter's reporting engine, which generates complete Word (DOCX) reports using Jinja2 templating and your customized report templates. Ghostwriter can also produce reports in XLSX, PPTX, and JSON formats.

Tap into Ghostwriter's GraphQL API to integrate custom project management, reporting workflows, and external tools into Ghostwriter.


Check out the introductory blogpost: Introducing Ghostwriter

This blogpost discusses the design and intent behind Ghostwriter: Introducing Ghostwriter: Part 2


The Ghostwriter Wiki contains everything you need to know to use or customize Ghostwriter.

The wiki covers everything from installation and setup information for first time users to database schemas, the project's code style guide, and how to expand or customize parts of the project to fit your needs.

Getting Help

Slack Status

The quickest way to get help is Slack. The BloodHound Slack Team has a #ghostwriter channel for discussing this project and requesting assistance. There is also a #reporting channel for discussing various topics related to writing and managing reports and findings.

You can submit an issue. If you do, please use the issue template and provide as much information as possible.

Before submitting an issue, review the Ghostwriter Wiki. Many of the common issues new users encounter stem from missing an installation step or an issue with Docker on their host system.

Contributing to the Project

The project team welcomes feedback, new ideas, and external contributions. Please open issues or submit a pull requests! Before submitting a PR, please check open and closed issues for any previous related discussion. Also, the proposed code must follow the Code Style Guide to be accepted.

We only ask you to limit PR submissions to those that fix a bug, enhance an existing feature, or add something new.


The following people at SpecterOps have contributed much to this project:

These folks kindly submitted feedback and PRs to fix bugs and enhance existing features. Thank you!


Ghostwriter's continuous development would not be possible without SpecterOps's commitment to transparency and support for open-source development.

GitBook supports this project by hosting the wiki and granting the Ghostwriter team access to their GitBook Community tier as an open-source project.

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